Outdoor swing sets are a great way for kids to either start or end their day. When choosing a swing set, many aspects of the playset should be considered. Of course, as a parent you want a safe and fun combination for your kids to burn off their seemingly endless energy.

The first public playground was installed in 1887 at the San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. But sometimes when you want to take the kids our to the playground it seems like such a long process. Loading and unloading the kids from their car seats. Maybe even packing extra clothing, and of course snacks. How great would it be to have this in your own backyard to use whenever you want and need. Wouldn’t it be great to have a scaled down park in your own backyard while you take 30 minutes to put dinner together?

How to Choose the Best Swing & Play Set

If you go with the cheapest swing set, it will most likely not have all the bells and whistles and will rust in no time. Your kids will loose interest before you know it. If you choose the most expensive play set, you will have to charge the neighbors admission to use the play set or even have your kids empty their piggy banks. We have put together some information that will help you choose the best swing set for your kids and maybe even your grandkids.

Lets get started! The average American family has more then one child and to accommodate both kids you will notice that this conversation with your partner will be very deep. How do you entertain a toddler and an 8 year old at the same time. Here are some questions you need to discuss?

  • How many kids will you have and how many years apart?
  • How many hours of entertainment do you want? Similar to a park setting based on how big your backyard is or just a simple playlet with a swing and slide?
  • Are you constantly going to have friends, family and neighbors using the set?
  • Number of children playing on swing set at the same time.
  • How big is your backyard and what size playlet can you fit?

If two kids is your total party for most of the time, then a simple swing set with two swings would entertain them of hours. They won’t be fighting over space. If you are planning on entertaining more then two and the neighborhood kids then think about monkey bars, rock climbing, sandbox, slides and any other bells and whistles that will keep them entertained at the same time.

Measure your backyard and make sure you swings will go on a flat surface free of tree branches hanging in the air. Be sure you have room for your safety buffer zone all around the measured area. In addition, creating a safe play space is also critical. Over 200,000 American kids visit the hospital each year for playground related accidents. Falling on hard surfaces and/or operating on a swings that has not been put together properly.

The right swing set can provide years of entertainment for the kiddos so spending more then the bare minimum will be a good idea. You can spend about $180 at Walmart or target and get a metal frame with 2 swings and a plastic slide. But is this what you really want in your back yard to last for years? It most likely wont because there is a weight limit of about 100 pounds per swing and you will leave this behind as your kids grow just a little older. If you decide to buy a metal swing set be sure it has rust resistant paint. The better quality swing set and play set are made from redwood or cedar because of their strength. These swing set can cost anywhere from $400 to over $10,000. Putting together one of these heavy duty wooden playlets my take up to 20 hours. You may want to consider paying a professional to put it together.

Best Wooden Backyard Play & Swing Sets

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