Chewing on bones, cartilage, and antlers is a natural part of a healthy lifestyle for dogs. Antlers chews provide stimulation, calcium, and help clean a dog’s teeth. Antler chews are harvested from naturally shed antlers from deer and elk. This makes them not only renewable, but also very green and healthy.

Since the antler chews are not a manufactured product, there are no standards to the supply, so dog owners should be aware that there are different quality antlers, and should also get the proper size antler for your dog—it is ok to give smaller dogs a large sized antler as they’ll still be able to enjoy chewing it, but larger dogs should always be given large sized antlers so that they don’t end up swallowing the antler right away without getting a chance to chew and soften it.

Once you decide on an antler chew for your dog and get one (or two) for your furry friend, it is important to keep an eye on your dog as it enjoys the antler to make sure it doesn’t break into sharp splinters. If this occurs, take away the antler and give your dog a new one.

Some of the benefits of antler chews include:

  • Harvested from naturally shed antlers from deer, and elk
  • They are renewable as animals continually shed and regrow antlers
  • High in nutritional values (e.g. iron, calcium, potassium)
  • Natural and healthy
  • Low odor
  • Great for your dog’s dental and oral health
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